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GNU Terry Pratchett

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What is GNU Terry Pratchett?

With the sad passing of Sir Terry Pratchett on the 12th March 2015, many of those with a website or online presence have chosen to honour him by adding some specific code to their website.

This is a reference to the story of John Dearheart or more specifically his death, where other characters ensured that his soul continued “living on in the overhead” by sending a code around their communication system known as the “clacks”. As a result, a message would appear in the clacks followed by the name GNU John Dearheart.

Redditors (those who use the social platform - Reddit) decided that the same immortality should be extended to Sir Terry Pratchett. Taking advantage of the way data is passed to from websites to web browsers and other software, a short snippet of code has been written to pass the text "GNU Terry Pratchett" to anyone who requests information from those websites.

How do i add GNU Terry Pratchett to my website?

If you have access to the .htaccess file and an FTP client, you can add the following to the top of the file:

header set X-Clacks-Overhead "GNU Terry Pratchett"

We have chosen to add this code to our website as a way to show our respect for the great contribution that Sir Terry Pratchett has provided to the Fantasy Genre over the years, and that of the wider world of literature.